Find Me a Gift helps you to get the housework and cooking done

Here are some great and fun ideas from Find Me A Gift website.

Buy them for yourselves or for a friend or family member.

Domestic Goddess washing up gloves rrp £3.99


These are really bright and funky and define you as a Domestic Goddess even on the days when you feel far from it. They are generously sized so offer proper protection. The best washing up gloves we have ever seen and at a reasonable price too.


Mr Messy Apron and Oven Glove rrp £9.99


The man in the Mum’s Arcade life loved this set. He is the sort of bloke who likes quirky gifts. I swear he is cooking more meals now he has a nice apron to wear. We all love Mr Men so this is just fabulous. It makes the children giggle too.



Punk Washing Up Brush rrp £5.99

Diva Sponge rrp £5.99

Practial Shirley Bassey like sponge with attitude. I work best with fun and practical products. Why should washing up be boring?


Domestic Goddess Apron, Oven Mitts and Towel – 50s Kitchen rrp £24.99


I love all things Fifties and this is just the most brilliant trio of items. Just call me a goddess!







Cath Kidston Cherry Blossom Range

Cath Kidston Cherry Blossom Range


Cheery and charming, this new eco-friendly range of Cherry Blossom goodies designed by Cath Kidston has been cherry picked to please with good enough to eat homecare and toiletry gifts. The fragrance is a green fruity floral with cherry blossom, honeysuckle and amber wood. This new range is bound to cheer up and freshen up the heart of any home.


Mum’s Arcade knows that keeping house is important but it can often also be dull and boring. It is easier to get motivated if the tools you are using are bright and attractive, funky or stylish.


Mum’s Arcade tested the scrubbing brush in the range which was pretty but also strong and effective.


Mum’s Arcade also loved the kitchen candle great at making a busy family area smell wonderful.


The Cath Kidston Cherry Blossom range provides the perfect vintage treat with a twist of cherry!



Thirst Pockets Multi-Cloth


Mum’s Arcade tried a brand new product from Thirst Pockets – the Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth. It’s no surprise that this innovative little household helper is having an identity crisis – because it looks like a kitchen towel and performs like a cloth.

If, like us, your cupboards are overflowing with cloths and sponges – there’s the kitchen surface dishcloth, the washing up sponge and dozens of dusters – then you’ll be pleased to hear about the range of jobs that this new cloth can cover. The Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth will polish furniture, clean mud off the car, scrub the hobs, shine the windows and can wipe up spills.

Imagine how much simpler life will be with a single cloth to meet all your cleaning needs. Its concentrated fibres ensure a cloth-like feel so it doesn’t leave any nasty streaks across shiny surfaces – making it the perfect cleaning partner for your spring clean and beyond.

Versatile Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth can do it all, tackling any job – big or small – from wiping small spills, to cleaning your bathroom and polishing furniture and glass. It’s tough and durable, so much so that in tests it has proved to be the strongest kitchen towel on the market.

Multi Cloth is a hygienic cleaning solution – it performs like a cloth, but because it is disposable it removes the need to have dirty cloths hanging around the home.

The superior quality of Multi Cloth also means it is cost effective, because, compared to normal kitchen towels you have to use less to do more.

Various members of the Mum’s Arcade family tried the multi-cloth and were amazed at its power to absorb that much more liquid and yuck than your average kitchen towel.  It was so handy to have multi-cloths at the ready for kitchen cleaning and all those little disasters that occur in a house filled with chidren and pets.

Thirst Pockets Multi Cloth have just launched and are available now MRRSP £2.39 from Tesco, Sainsburys, Morrisons and Asda.

Housework made funky with Sarah Smith

Housework made funky with Sarah Smith

Over at Mum’s Arcade, we like writing, reviewing and living.  Housework has to be done but is by no means a favourite activity.

However, we are inspired to do a Spring Clean courtesy of the funky range of household cleaning products from Sarah Smith.  Only Sarah Smith could make dishcloths reminiscent of Fifties glamour.  I love the Fifties and really enjoy jazzing up my kitchen with Sarah Smith.  Pinks, yellows and oranges with strong bold patterns.

Vibrant colours are great but I find Sarah Smith products are also very good at doing their job.

Dishcloths are anti-bacterial, machine-washable and long-lasting.  Creative mums have turned them into table-cloths, wrapping paper, bunting and dresses!  They really are that gorgeous.

The products are made in Bridgewater, Somerset and have a cult following and lots of online fans.

All Sarah Smith products are made in accordance with Oeko-Tex 100 standard and are therefore certified free of substances that could hurt the environment or humans.  The Sarah Smith range includes dishcloths, wipes, scourers, aprons, bags, towels and tea-towels.

The sharp-eyed will have seen Sarah Smith featuring in Jamie Oliver’s River Cottage Kitchen.

They are available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.