What does your handbag say about you?

What do the contents of your handbag say about you? Find out with Sudocrem.


Are you someone who doesn’t have just one, but two mobile phones in your

bag? How many sticks of lipstick do you carry? Do you ever leave home

without your hand moisturiser? All these things could tell a deeper story

about you and your personality.


Sudocrem Skin Care Cream (SSCC) has teamed up with the UK’s leading

Bagologist, Debbie Percy, to offer a limited number of FREE handbag readings

on the SSCC Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/sudocremtube.




It’s simple – just visit http://www.facebook.com/sudocremtube, ‘like’ the

page and then upload a clear photo to the Facebook Wall of your handbag

contents. Three bags will be randomly selected by Debbie every weekday

(excluding weekends) for a reading and her analysis published via

http://www.facebook.com/sudocremtube. To be considered for selection, uploads must

be made between 11th April & 10th May 2011. Please note that by uploading

your photograph there is NO guarantee of receiving a reading.


The first 50 uploads will receive a FREE tube of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream.

Terms and Conditions apply.




This is not a competition, but by uploading a picture of your handbag

contents for analysis it is assumed that you have read and agreed to the

Terms and Conditions of this event. This process is open to both men and

women anywhere in the world. The acceptance, disqualification or deletion of

uploaded pictures, without explanation or prior notification is entirely at

the discretion of Forest Labs, as set out in the Terms and Conditions found

on http://www.facebook.com/sudocremtube. Content should only be submitted by

someone of 18 years and above. Only one upload is permitted per person.

Photographs can be submitted up until 12pm on Tuesday 10th May 2011.



Girly gifts from Find Me a Gift Website

The little girl in Mum’s Arcade life loves to make and do.

She adores making cupcakes with Mummy and spends every spare moment drawing, painting ad glue-ing.  She is very creative and a joy to  watch.  Her birthday is coming up soon and I have checked out the Find Me a Gift website at http://find-me-a-gift.co.uk

If you have not found this website full of the most wonderful treasures for any member of the family or your friends, do take a look.  There are items for different tastes and budgets.

I particularly liked the bright and cheerful retro-looking apron in red with white spots.  It is really pretty but sturdy and hard-wearing too.  That makes for a happy little girl and a smiling Mummy too.  The pinny has a big pocket on the front too perfect for carrying all life’s little essentials for  the crafting or baking mad girl who also has a taste for fashion.  The apron can be washed too which means it will last till your little girl moves up a size.

Another favourite are the great chunky fabric markets in bright and washable colours.  They are great for decorating boring cotton shirts, caps, canvas trainers and more.  What fun!  Something the whole family can get involved with.  The colours can be air-cured for 24 hours or fixed immediately by iroing on a medium setting.  Obviously but worth a reminder that the ironing should only be done by an adult.

We loved these but if they are not quite to your taste or needs, do check out the website for more ideas at http://find-me-a-gift.co.uk

Green People Baby Skincare

Baby’s Skin Deserves the Best of ALL Worlds






· NEW Fairtrade certification for two popular Organic Babies skincare products




· Pure certified organic ingredients




· Best for baby, best for the environment and best for producing communities


Two of the most popular natural baby care products from pioneering ‘all natural’ brand, Organic Babies by Green People, have just gained official Fairtrade status from the Fairtrade Foundation, meaning that parents really can naturally protect their baby’s skin at the same time as helping to protect third world communities.


The Organic Babies Soothing Baby Salve and Nappy Cream Baby Balm contain a really high percentage of genuinely natural and organic ingredients which are perfect for nourishing and protecting baby’s skin. Now parents can also be reassured that the people involved in the production of the Shea butter receive a fair price for their product and a Fairtrade premium which they can use for social projects like providing healthcare and educational materials for the local community.


97% organic Soothing Baby Salve is rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids essential for healthy skin. It is great for nappy rash and designed to provide quick relief for baby’s sensitive skin. Organic Baby Salve is water-resistant and ideal for use on skin that is often damp. Certified organic by the Soil Association it is formulated with Fairtrade certified Shea butter, Hemp, Calendula and Lavender to help reduce inflammation and soreness of the skin – excellent for use on hands, feet, body and baby’s bottom. (100ml £9.70)


98% organic Nappy Cream Baby Balm is suitable for babies with nappy rash, and those particularly prone to eczema. Baby’s discomfort is eased away by the healing affects of Zinc Oxide , Fairtrade certified Shea Butter, packed with natural vitamins and an excellent natural anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant, Hemp, one of the richest sources of essential fatty acids, Calendula and Chamomile. Nappy Cream Baby Balm works to restore irritated areas whilst increasing the skins natural moisture retention capacity. Beeswax provides a natural barrier repelling water from the skin to keep baby’s bottom soft and dry, allowing it time to heal. (40ml £9.45)


Charlotte Vøhtz, Founder of Green People explains, “We have been developing certified organic baby products for over 13 years now and it has always been our mission to source ingredients that are 100% natural and organic and that are equally beneficial to the local growing community. We are delighted that we are now working closely with the Fairtrade Foundation in order to recognize this commitment and offer parents babycare products which are just as good for the skin as they are for the livelihoods of the producers.”


Harriet Lamb, Director of the Fairtrade Foundation concludes, “Evidence demonstrates that more and more people are actively looking to buy certified Fairtrade products. Parents in particular want to offer their babies and children products that are not only pure and gentle on the skin, but have the added benefit of ensuring that those involved in the growing of the raw ingredients are cared for too. We are delighted that these certified Fairtrade and certified organic babycare products really do offer parents the opportunity to show their concern for other people’s children as well as their own.”


All Green People formulations are free from Synthetic Fragrances, Colourants, Petrochemicals and Parabens to bring you the purest products that nature can offer. Packed with effective ingredients that really work, none of the products are tested on animals and 10% of the profit is donated to charity.


All of Green People’s products are available online at http://www.greenpeople.co.uk, http://www.organicbabies.com or call 01403 740350.

Whale Pail – practical and fun bath time help for mums

The Whale Pail – an inspired product that makes bath time that much easier for mums.

Like most mums, I like my children to have lots of bright and fun toys to play with at bath time. However, one of the banes of my life is emptying the bath of seemingly hundreds of plastic ducks and the like after the bath is complete.

The whale pail is a unique invention, designed to make bath time much easier for mums and children alike. It is brightly coloured in blue so captures the children’s imaginations from the start.

The whale pail doubles up as both a toy and a means of keeping bathrooms organized and clutter free. The pails wide mouth scoops toys out of the bath and the soft, non-slip handle makes it easy for both parents and children to collect toys, even with wet hands.

Large breathing holes along the side allow water to drain away and dry toys ready for the next bath time, while the smaller holes in the base can be used to gently pass water and rinse tots hair. If, like me, you have children who hate having their hair rinsed, the attractive design of the whale pail helps to distract them whilst the inevitable happens.

With a generous capacity, the whale pail stores enough toys for even the most playful tots, while the translucent window allows you to see which toys are being stored.

Mum’s Arcade loves the whale pail and highly recommends it to other parents. It is really practical but also bright and fun too.

Check out http://www.oxo-uk.com

Baby Bliss with Earth Friendly Range

Dream a little dream of some blissed-out baby pampering and you’ll be dreaming of EARTH FRIENDLY BABY – a pure and natural range of affordable, everyday toiletries offering everything mum needs at great value prices. This award winning, eco-friendly range is crammed with ingredients from Mother Nature’s caring bag and has been formulated for babies and their delicate, sensitive skin… so delicious mum won’t be able to resist using them too!

From soothing massage oils to biodegradable baby wipes, this mild & gentle range contains carefully chosen ingredients to help care for baby. With adorably cute packaging, the line-up is not tested on animals and is free of artificial colouring, synthetic fragrances and SLS. MAGIC MASSAGE When the tears won’t stop mum can reach for a massage oil from Earth Friendly Baby. Perfect for increasing the bond between mum and baby, a regular massage can help with colic, dry skin, sleeping patterns, assist in muscle tone and flexibility and help to de-stress mum (and dad). But that’s not all, mums-to-be can use these gorgeous massage oils for a little bump relief by treating stretching and expanding tummies regularly.

Earth Friendly Baby Natural Unscented Massage Oil – 100ml, £3.99 Crammed with nourishing ingredients including light and mild Sunflower Oil, healing Sesame Oil and Shea Butter, which is excellent for dry skin. Added Vitamin E gives the oil strong anti-oxidant properties and importantly the oils are unlikely to cause or aggravate any nut allergies. This gorgeous fragrance free, hypoallergenic massage oil is gentle enough to use on babies from the age of 7 days.

Earth Friendly Baby Organic Sunflower Massage Oil – 100ml, £6.99 This Organic Massage Oil can be used on babies from the age of 3 months and not forgetting mums and dads too! The blend contains over 70% certified organic ingredients. This nourishing massage oil contains a base of Sunflower Oil, blended with the amazing mild and healing Kukui Oil from Hawaii that is traditionally used on newborn babies and can also soothe skin that has been over exposed to the sun. Calendula and Chamomile Oils in this clever oil along with Vitamin E will help to heal the most sensitive skin. And for that touch of luxury a hint of the highest quality Rose has been added to soothe the senses.

BATHTIME BLISS Promote a restful sleep and make bath time fun for reluctant bathers with some magical bubbly and cleansing treats from Earth Friendly Baby. And for mum when spare moments for personal pampering will be few and far between, she can share for long, relaxing soaks in the bath.

BLISSFUL BOTTOMS AND SOOTHED SKIN Care for baby’s bottom, leaving it soft, supple and nappy rash free with some healing treats from Earth Friendly Baby – a better botty and happy baby!

Earth Friendly Organic Chamomile, Lavender & Mandarin Bubblebaths – 370ml, £5.99

Make bath time magical with these glorious bubble baths for little ones. Choose from rich foaming classic Organic Chamomile, relaxing Organic Lavender and fun-time Organic Mandarin, all guaranteed to leave baby’s skin feeling smooth, silky and ready for mum to massage. A little goes a long way so pour carefully!

Earth Friendly Baby Organic Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin Shampoo & Bodywashes – 250ml, £3.99

Bath time has never been easier with these all-in-one organic shampoo & bodywashes. Specially formulated to gently cleanse Baby’s delicate hair and skin without leaving residue, dull hair or bath-time tears, choose from Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender or Organic Mandarin and the best bit…. it will leave baby smelling sweet and most importantly, smiling!

Earth Friendly Baby Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar – 99g, £2.49

This tried and trusted, long lasting Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar is the perfect cleanser for baby and mum. Crammed with gentle, natural ingredients this gorgeous bar will beautifully soothe the skin as it cleanses and moisturises and includes just the right amount of lavender oil to add a touch of relaxing aromatherapy. And the best bit? The subtle scent of lavender will carefully relax baby and promote a natural, deep sleep.

Earth Friendly Baby Organic Red Clover Diaper Care Cream – 43g / 113g £2.99 / £5.49

Stroke away skin irritation such as nappy rash, with the most natural and successful remedy, the best selling Earth Friendly Baby Organic Red Clover Diaper Care Cream. Botanical extracts of soothing and effective Red Clover (most useful remedy for babies/children with skin problems) have been combined with zinc oxide to ensure this marvellous cream promotes healing where healing is needed. Designed to provide quick and effective relief from nappy discomfort and minor skin irritations this clever cream will seal out wetness to avoid further irritation.

The Earth Friendly Baby line-up is available from http://www.HealthQuestStore.com or call 0845 310 4411.


Earth Friendly Baby Organic Calendula Daily Care Cream 113g, £5.49

Baby’s bottom will now stay safe and soft for longer with this caring cream! Crammed with essential oil extracts of Calendula and beeswax which act as a natural barrier, this tender cream will protect delicate skin against wetness and maintain baby’s soft, sensitive skin. Calendula comes from the Marigold plant – renowned for its natural anti-fungal properties and used for years to combat all kinds of infections. It’s specially formulated to be used daily to moisturise skin and aid prevention of nappy area problems and minor skin irritations – so perfect for mummy’s stretch marks, too!

Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes – 72 wipes, £2.99 These 100% biodegradable eco baby wipes were created to help the environment as well as baby’s delicate skin. These gentle, eco baby wipes are made from material derived from wood pulp and starch making them kinder to the environment. Blended with organic Chamomile and Calendula to soothe and calm baby’s most delicate areas they’ll leave baby’s skin smooth, soft and delicately cleansed.

Earth Friendly Baby Eco Diaper/Nappy Sacks – 50 sacks, £1.75 Unfragranced and 100% degradable, each nappy sack in this perforated roll comes complete with handy tie handles – a nursery essential.

How to ensure children clean their teeth

With 40% of children in England starting school with tooth decay¹, establishing a dental routine for your little one from an early age is essential. However, getting your pre-schooler into a happy, healthy dental routine can, at times seem like an impossible task!

Leading oral health specialist, Molar Ltd has just made the twice daily brush a little easier with the launch of its new TePe Mini , a specially formulated toothbrush for children as young as 6 months and up to 4 years old.

Each toothbrush is BDHF (British Dental Health Foundation) approved providing reassurance on quality and safety. The small tapered heads are perfect for access to tiny mouths and suitable right from when your baby cuts their first tooth. Its extra soft filaments are designed to be gentle on new teeth and enamel and the handle provides smaller hands with a good grip but is big enough for an adult to help with the important task of supervised brushing

Available with bright, fun visuals of trains, pirates, teddies and princesses, kids will love them as they are fun and colourful while mums and dads will love them as they help keep children brushing until the time is up.

Leading oral health specialist, Molar Ltd, give their top tips and advice on how to make teeth brushing time effective, yet fun…

1. Parents should start brushing their child’s teeth from when their first tooth comes through, and supervise it until they are at least 7 years old.

2. Let your child join in and guide their hand around their mouths so that they can learn how to brush properly. Not only will they feel they are brushing their own teeth but you can ensure that they are brushing effectievly.

3. For the older child consider using a disclosing product such as Plaqsearch. It is an excellent way of you allowing them to visually check their brushing skills. It shows up old and newer plaque to indicate areas where brushing is missing in a way that children find fun.

4. Join in with them and make sure your child sees you and other children in the house brushing their teeth. This encourages them to see brushing as part of a family routine and allows the development of a brushing habit into adulthood.

5. Why not add a competitive edge and use an egg timer or stopwatch and challenge them to see if they can keep brushing for two minutes.

6. Choose bright and fun toothbrushes like the new TePe MiniT and let them choose their own design. By allowing them to choose, they are more likely to feel it is theirs and more likely to want to use it!

7. Recognise and reward with reward charts or stickers – but remember rewarding with sweet treats could cause problems later!

Molar expert comments, “Children’s dental health has improved in the UK since 1973 when fluoride was introduced into toothpaste. However hidden sugars in many of the foods and drinks available continue to be a problem and this is why it is so important that plaque is removed regularly with an effective brushing regime. Anything that makes brushing fun and increases the brushing time is recommended and the new TePe Mini toothbrushes not only help encourage youngsters to brush, but are designed especially for little mouths to reassure parents that they get the maximum cleaning with each brush.”

The TePe Mini toothbrush costs £1.99.



Your child in a personalised book!

Personalised books are great for getting kids involved in reading and with world book day on our minds we are helping you encourage your kids to read with a fabulous £2 discount* on these personalised books. With a wide range your sure to find the perfect book! Kids love staring in their own adventure and reading their name alongside their favour character as well as seeing their illustration on each page. Get your Kids involved in reading, with their own personalised adventure.

Choose from titles such as Peppa Pig, Official football books; see them score the winning goal for their favourite team or go on a medieval adventure as a princess – 17 titles to choose from.

Personalisation options include; first name, surname, hair colour and style, skin tone and eye colour and there’s even an option to leave a personal message for the recipient.

Please visit our website http://www.penwizard.co.uk to see how easy it is to personalise a book. Books are from £14.99 plus P&P and are delivered within 5 days.

Enter code 789456 at the basket for redeem the discount

* Terms and conditions: £2 discount offer not available in conjunction with any other offer

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