Nine Lives – a novel

Mum’s Arcade founder Kate is currently reading the book below.

The most wonderful thing about this book so far is how it describes all-powerful attraction between a man and a woman and how a relationship develops over time.

It looks at people’s motivations well and a particularly strong feature is the detailed descriptions of places that make you want to find out more.

Kate is looking forward to reading more.

Nine Lives Dan Fox Debut novel …… a journey through life…..

Men are sensitive too…

Dan Fox’s debut novel NINE LIVES is a deep and powerful love story that’s both beautiful and emotive, taking the reader on a poetic journey to many exotic and emotional locations while raising a variety of thought-provoking issues. The novel sensitively explores the random effect of timing in our lives along with questions of fate or karma, man’s good amidst evil and nature’s cruelty.

This the story of a journey through one man’s life – but in many ways it’s also the story of us all. Written with surprising masculine sensitivity, NINE LIVES follows the life of Dan Roberts, his first love, his first grief, his first despair and the way he learns to deal with regret as he faces his past and his faith. Along the way, the author weaves a host of other experiences into a wonderfully described journey.

“A beautiful book; deep and powerful; Nine Lives is primarily a love story; but it is also truly a journey through life”.

The title Nine Lives derives from Dan’s feeling, common to so many of us, that our lives can sometimes seem to be made up of different chapters; as if some events must have been experienced by somebody different – and lived in a different life. This book takes the reader on an emotional journey encompassing many feelings and reflections on life to which all readers can relate from their own experiences. It deliberately provokes discussion in the reader’s mind, as well as quiet contemplation, without seeking to give a view – indeed, it is as if the reader is joining the author on this journey. The author has a distinctive voice and a unique style of writing, which flows poetically with an incredibly honest approach and rawness.

“It does help people ‘deal with any loss’ in their lives. I set out to write a story that would be emotional and encourage the reader to reflect on various issues in life that affect us all. In particular, I hope it will help deal with the inexplicable sense of loss that we can all too often experience.“ – Dan Fox

Editor notes

Fiction: Literary

Fiction: Romance – General

Fiction: Romance – Contemporary

ISBN Complete: 978-1-905553-69-3

United Kingdom £5.99 GBP

Author’s Biography

Full date of Birth: 2nd January 1965

Place of Birth ‐ Town & Country: Hastings, UK – Gun Hill, East Sussex, UK TN21 0JS

Current place of residence ‐ Town & Country: Chateau d’Oex, Switzerland

Country of Citizenship: UK

About the author:

Dan Fox is the nom de plume of Ian Wilson, a father of three who was born into the typical middle class environment of an old English seaside town. At a young age Ian left for the bright lights of London and after studying law at King’s College London, he spent 8 years in Hong Kong. He soon left behind his burgeoning legal career as ‘too boring’ and has since built successful business interests that have taken him all over the globe. He now lives in the mountains of Switzerland with his beautiful wife, children and three dogs.

Nine Lives is Dan Fox’s first novel. Further projects, including his new novel ‘Blood Love’ are currently under development.

For more information about ‘NINE LIVES’ go to


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