Girly gifts from Find Me a Gift Website

The little girl in Mum’s Arcade life loves to make and do.

She adores making cupcakes with Mummy and spends every spare moment drawing, painting ad glue-ing.  She is very creative and a joy to  watch.  Her birthday is coming up soon and I have checked out the Find Me a Gift website at

If you have not found this website full of the most wonderful treasures for any member of the family or your friends, do take a look.  There are items for different tastes and budgets.

I particularly liked the bright and cheerful retro-looking apron in red with white spots.  It is really pretty but sturdy and hard-wearing too.  That makes for a happy little girl and a smiling Mummy too.  The pinny has a big pocket on the front too perfect for carrying all life’s little essentials for  the crafting or baking mad girl who also has a taste for fashion.  The apron can be washed too which means it will last till your little girl moves up a size.

Another favourite are the great chunky fabric markets in bright and washable colours.  They are great for decorating boring cotton shirts, caps, canvas trainers and more.  What fun!  Something the whole family can get involved with.  The colours can be air-cured for 24 hours or fixed immediately by iroing on a medium setting.  Obviously but worth a reminder that the ironing should only be done by an adult.

We loved these but if they are not quite to your taste or needs, do check out the website for more ideas at


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