Find Me a Gift helps you to get the housework and cooking done

Here are some great and fun ideas from Find Me A Gift website.

Buy them for yourselves or for a friend or family member.

Domestic Goddess washing up gloves rrp £3.99


These are really bright and funky and define you as a Domestic Goddess even on the days when you feel far from it. They are generously sized so offer proper protection. The best washing up gloves we have ever seen and at a reasonable price too.


Mr Messy Apron and Oven Glove rrp £9.99


The man in the Mum’s Arcade life loved this set. He is the sort of bloke who likes quirky gifts. I swear he is cooking more meals now he has a nice apron to wear. We all love Mr Men so this is just fabulous. It makes the children giggle too.



Punk Washing Up Brush rrp £5.99

Diva Sponge rrp £5.99

Practial Shirley Bassey like sponge with attitude. I work best with fun and practical products. Why should washing up be boring?


Domestic Goddess Apron, Oven Mitts and Towel – 50s Kitchen rrp £24.99


I love all things Fifties and this is just the most brilliant trio of items. Just call me a goddess!







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