Cath Kidston Cherry Blossom Range

Cath Kidston Cherry Blossom Range


Cheery and charming, this new eco-friendly range of Cherry Blossom goodies designed by Cath Kidston has been cherry picked to please with good enough to eat homecare and toiletry gifts. The fragrance is a green fruity floral with cherry blossom, honeysuckle and amber wood. This new range is bound to cheer up and freshen up the heart of any home.


Mum’s Arcade knows that keeping house is important but it can often also be dull and boring. It is easier to get motivated if the tools you are using are bright and attractive, funky or stylish.


Mum’s Arcade tested the scrubbing brush in the range which was pretty but also strong and effective.


Mum’s Arcade also loved the kitchen candle great at making a busy family area smell wonderful.


The Cath Kidston Cherry Blossom range provides the perfect vintage treat with a twist of cherry!




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