The Recipe for Brainy Kids

The Top 100 Recipes for Brainy Kids


Christine Bailey


We all want our children to realise their full potential at school, and beyond. Nutritional research has proved that diet plays a key role in supporting a child’s mental and emotional well-being. But how do you ensure you give your kids the right foods to keep them alert, focused and happy, while steering them away from foods that can impair their concentration and cause mood-swings and disruptive behaviour?


Expert help is now at hand from Christine Bailey – a leading nutritionist and a mother of young children. She offers a wealth of delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes, rich in brain-boosting ingredients, which will appeal to even the pickiest eaters.


Mum’s Arcade loved this cookbook.  It is a compact size with a bright and attractive cover that tempts you in to investigate further.  Contents are divided in a colour-coded way into simple headings as follows ….



Teas and Snacks



There is clear information on the stuff mums need to know such as …

How many the recipe will feed

Preparation and Cooking Time

Storage guidelines

Serving suggestions

Health benefits

There is a great introduction offering advice on healthy eating for children.

The book will also meet the needs of families where children need a specific diet such as dairy-free, nut free or gluten free.

Mum’s Arcade highly recommends this recipe book.  There is  real diversity of recipe ideas which will inspire any mum.




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