Love You Mum – essential reading for mums

Mum’s Arcade can think of no better mother’s day gift than one that really does have the power to make mums feel better about themselves.  Flowers

are nice to receive but here is a gift that can transform a mother’s poor opinion of herself and make the family happier as a whole.  It tackles real life

situations that we get ourselves into despite our very best intentions and shows you how to change your thinking.  It has a mantra of “Stop Trying to

be the Mum you think you should be.  Start enjoying the Mum you are.”


The founder of Mum’s Arcade read the book in one sitting on a long train journey and just wishes the common sense approach had featured from

day one of her parenting.


The transition between manager to mother is one many career women have to

make these days. And for many, it can be an overwhelming experience.

Comparing yourself to other mums, stressed out and feeling frumpy – maybe

life as a Mum is not as was expected. But mums aren’t alone.


Published this Spring to coincide with Mother’s Day, Love You Mum is a

unique new book. It is not a practical parenting guide; there are no child

rearing tips, no logistical advice on childcare, or magical fool proof

formulas for happy children. It is a book purely for one of the most

important influences on a child’s life – Mum! Gillian Campbell provides a

guide to creating and maintaining a resourceful mindset through those first

few years of being a Mum. A chance to uncover, or re-discover the lost parts

that disappeared into the depths of the stresses and strains of motherhood.


“The book is for Mums who perhaps end more days wishing they hadn’t

snapped at their kids and their partners more than they had laughed and

loved the challenges they faced. Those who dive into the escape of a glass

of wine, an internet site or a reality TV show at the end of each day,

rather than spending time with their partner or putting steps in place

towards the goals they dream of achieving,” says Gillian.


Gillian creates opportunities for the reader to re-evaluate, re-focus and

re-discover the person they are now they have children in their life. She

works through mindset techniques to reduce worry, guilt, and un- resourceful

stress based thinking. She shares methods for mindfulness, emotional

responsibility and regaining a sense of joy alongside purpose rather than

strain and pressure. So women can enjoy their journey through motherhood.


“At last, a book to stop that self-guilt that’s the bedfellow of all

modern mums,” says Daniella Delaney, Editor of Practical Parenting &

Pregnancy magazine.


About the Author:


Gillian Campbell before she embarked on motherhood in her late 30’s (her

most challenging and rewarding role yet!) had navigated a corporate

leadership career within the pharmaceutical sector. As an expert in

emotional resilience, she now runs courses for Mums nationally. Gillian is

the founder of – a forum for Mums who feel

isolated and trapped by some of the experiences of motherhood. She is a

happily married, working Mum for two boys under four and their black

Labrador Wilson.


Love You Mum is published by Barnes Holland in the UK on Monday 7th March

2011. ISBN: 9780956312815, Paperback, RRP: £12.95. Available in all good






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