Whale Pail – practical and fun bath time help for mums

The Whale Pail – an inspired product that makes bath time that much easier for mums.

Like most mums, I like my children to have lots of bright and fun toys to play with at bath time. However, one of the banes of my life is emptying the bath of seemingly hundreds of plastic ducks and the like after the bath is complete.

The whale pail is a unique invention, designed to make bath time much easier for mums and children alike. It is brightly coloured in blue so captures the children’s imaginations from the start.

The whale pail doubles up as both a toy and a means of keeping bathrooms organized and clutter free. The pails wide mouth scoops toys out of the bath and the soft, non-slip handle makes it easy for both parents and children to collect toys, even with wet hands.

Large breathing holes along the side allow water to drain away and dry toys ready for the next bath time, while the smaller holes in the base can be used to gently pass water and rinse tots hair. If, like me, you have children who hate having their hair rinsed, the attractive design of the whale pail helps to distract them whilst the inevitable happens.

With a generous capacity, the whale pail stores enough toys for even the most playful tots, while the translucent window allows you to see which toys are being stored.

Mum’s Arcade loves the whale pail and highly recommends it to other parents. It is really practical but also bright and fun too.

Check out http://www.oxo-uk.com


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