4 Ingredients Cookbooks for busy mums

4 Ingredients Cookbooks – ideal for busy mums

Mum’s Arcade recently received copies of the cook books 4 Ingredients byKim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham. The authors are two ordinary Australian mums whose easy, healthy recipes all using 4 ingredients or less have made them a worldwide cooking phenomenon.

What we liked about the books was that they had a no-nonsense style both in terms of look and content. Yes, there are times when mums like their fancy cook-books but that does not get the tea made on a busy or cash-strapped day.

Not that the book covers just teatime as it also has ideas for just about any occasion including breakfasts, light lunches, sides, drinks and desserts. There are also lunchbox ideas and even treats for your pets!

We also liked the extras that come with this book that probably should feature in every cookery book but don’t. There is a guide to weights and measures based on using cups so no fancy weighing scales required. There is a conversion table for different types of oven temperatures. As we say, this is a practical, no-nonsense approach to cookery.

Valuable advice on healthy eating without being preachy and on what to stock in your cupboards all make life that much easier for busy mums.

The book also has ideas for involving the children in mealtime preparation.

Their first book has sold over three million copies worldwide and is the must-have cookery book for everyone from singletons through to young marrieds or busy mums with kids. It is also great for anyone who wants to learn to cook but does not want to be put off by daunting lists of ingredients and instructions.

With 4 Ingredients you get great healthy food on the table, fast, without compromising on taste and using ingredients you’ve probably already got in your cupboard and fridge. So the recipe ideas are perfect for anyone who wants quick, healthy and tasty food without spending a fortune.

They have a growing UK audience (www.4ingredients.co.uk) with two books out here and two more published this year – Gluten Free in May and Fast Fresh & Healthy in September.





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