Showcasing Irish Products for St Patrick’s Day

Glenilen Farm Hand Made Country Butter is made by Alan and Valerie Kingston. The family farm is in West Cork and is famous for its lush pastures, perfect for producing the high quality milk that gives Glenilen’s products an authentic farmhouse taste. Glenilen Farm Hand Made Country Butter is made from sweet, lightly sea-salted cream which is churned in the traditional manner and hand wrapped in parchment paper, then brown paper and tied with twine. The result – a butter that not only looks, but also tastes just as it did in the olden days. Available at selected Waitrose stores.




Cuinneog Butter




Cuinneog Farmhouse Irish Country Butter is made by Tom and Sheila Butler on the family farm in Co. Mayo, West Ireland. They produce a country butter which reflects Ireland’s long tradition of butter making. Cuinneog butter undergoes a fermentation process that results in a slightly sweet, richer and deeper butter taste and also improves its spreadability from the fridge. Available from selected Waitrose stores.




Hollandaise Sauce




Connacht Gold Gourmet Butter Sauce – Hollandaise. This innovative and convenient product makes a quick and easy sauce that could easily be mistaken for home-made. Only 100% pure Irish butter is combined with a selection of fresh herbs and spices. The sauce is produced in a 100g stick format, so that it can be stored in the fridge for up to 3 weeks, and used as and when required (25g required per 100ml sauce). The sauce brings a combination of quality and convenience to meal times – simply place required amount in a saucepan (or microwaveable bowl), add milk, and heat. The all-butter content ensures there is no curdling during heating. Connacht Gold is a farming co-operative based primarily in the west of Ireland. Available from Waitrose stores nationwide.








CHOICES from Celtic Chocolates






Celtic Chocolates (Ireland’s leading chocolatiers) has developed and launched a highly innovative range of ‘dairy free’ chocolate – The ‘Choices’ range.


Made from cocoa liquor and a blend of rice powder, inulin* and coconut oil (which replaces the milk found in conventional milk chocolate) together with special Choices natural flavourings, these chocolates are a delicious alternative to milk chocolate. They are totally dairy, wheat, gluten and egg free. The range includes 3 delicious bars – plain choc, choc n’ crispie and choc n’ orange and a box of caramel chocolates ‘Caramel flavoured Choices’.


[* Inulin is a combination of fructose and glucose made from chicory]




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