How to ensure children clean their teeth

With 40% of children in England starting school with tooth decay¹, establishing a dental routine for your little one from an early age is essential. However, getting your pre-schooler into a happy, healthy dental routine can, at times seem like an impossible task!

Leading oral health specialist, Molar Ltd has just made the twice daily brush a little easier with the launch of its new TePe Mini , a specially formulated toothbrush for children as young as 6 months and up to 4 years old.

Each toothbrush is BDHF (British Dental Health Foundation) approved providing reassurance on quality and safety. The small tapered heads are perfect for access to tiny mouths and suitable right from when your baby cuts their first tooth. Its extra soft filaments are designed to be gentle on new teeth and enamel and the handle provides smaller hands with a good grip but is big enough for an adult to help with the important task of supervised brushing

Available with bright, fun visuals of trains, pirates, teddies and princesses, kids will love them as they are fun and colourful while mums and dads will love them as they help keep children brushing until the time is up.

Leading oral health specialist, Molar Ltd, give their top tips and advice on how to make teeth brushing time effective, yet fun…

1. Parents should start brushing their child’s teeth from when their first tooth comes through, and supervise it until they are at least 7 years old.

2. Let your child join in and guide their hand around their mouths so that they can learn how to brush properly. Not only will they feel they are brushing their own teeth but you can ensure that they are brushing effectievly.

3. For the older child consider using a disclosing product such as Plaqsearch. It is an excellent way of you allowing them to visually check their brushing skills. It shows up old and newer plaque to indicate areas where brushing is missing in a way that children find fun.

4. Join in with them and make sure your child sees you and other children in the house brushing their teeth. This encourages them to see brushing as part of a family routine and allows the development of a brushing habit into adulthood.

5. Why not add a competitive edge and use an egg timer or stopwatch and challenge them to see if they can keep brushing for two minutes.

6. Choose bright and fun toothbrushes like the new TePe MiniT and let them choose their own design. By allowing them to choose, they are more likely to feel it is theirs and more likely to want to use it!

7. Recognise and reward with reward charts or stickers – but remember rewarding with sweet treats could cause problems later!

Molar expert comments, “Children’s dental health has improved in the UK since 1973 when fluoride was introduced into toothpaste. However hidden sugars in many of the foods and drinks available continue to be a problem and this is why it is so important that plaque is removed regularly with an effective brushing regime. Anything that makes brushing fun and increases the brushing time is recommended and the new TePe Mini toothbrushes not only help encourage youngsters to brush, but are designed especially for little mouths to reassure parents that they get the maximum cleaning with each brush.”

The TePe Mini toothbrush costs £1.99.




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