Baby Bliss with Earth Friendly Range

Dream a little dream of some blissed-out baby pampering and you’ll be dreaming of EARTH FRIENDLY BABY – a pure and natural range of affordable, everyday toiletries offering everything mum needs at great value prices. This award winning, eco-friendly range is crammed with ingredients from Mother Nature’s caring bag and has been formulated for babies and their delicate, sensitive skin… so delicious mum won’t be able to resist using them too!

From soothing massage oils to biodegradable baby wipes, this mild & gentle range contains carefully chosen ingredients to help care for baby. With adorably cute packaging, the line-up is not tested on animals and is free of artificial colouring, synthetic fragrances and SLS. MAGIC MASSAGE When the tears won’t stop mum can reach for a massage oil from Earth Friendly Baby. Perfect for increasing the bond between mum and baby, a regular massage can help with colic, dry skin, sleeping patterns, assist in muscle tone and flexibility and help to de-stress mum (and dad). But that’s not all, mums-to-be can use these gorgeous massage oils for a little bump relief by treating stretching and expanding tummies regularly.

Earth Friendly Baby Natural Unscented Massage Oil – 100ml, £3.99 Crammed with nourishing ingredients including light and mild Sunflower Oil, healing Sesame Oil and Shea Butter, which is excellent for dry skin. Added Vitamin E gives the oil strong anti-oxidant properties and importantly the oils are unlikely to cause or aggravate any nut allergies. This gorgeous fragrance free, hypoallergenic massage oil is gentle enough to use on babies from the age of 7 days.

Earth Friendly Baby Organic Sunflower Massage Oil – 100ml, £6.99 This Organic Massage Oil can be used on babies from the age of 3 months and not forgetting mums and dads too! The blend contains over 70% certified organic ingredients. This nourishing massage oil contains a base of Sunflower Oil, blended with the amazing mild and healing Kukui Oil from Hawaii that is traditionally used on newborn babies and can also soothe skin that has been over exposed to the sun. Calendula and Chamomile Oils in this clever oil along with Vitamin E will help to heal the most sensitive skin. And for that touch of luxury a hint of the highest quality Rose has been added to soothe the senses.

BATHTIME BLISS Promote a restful sleep and make bath time fun for reluctant bathers with some magical bubbly and cleansing treats from Earth Friendly Baby. And for mum when spare moments for personal pampering will be few and far between, she can share for long, relaxing soaks in the bath.

BLISSFUL BOTTOMS AND SOOTHED SKIN Care for baby’s bottom, leaving it soft, supple and nappy rash free with some healing treats from Earth Friendly Baby – a better botty and happy baby!

Earth Friendly Organic Chamomile, Lavender & Mandarin Bubblebaths – 370ml, £5.99

Make bath time magical with these glorious bubble baths for little ones. Choose from rich foaming classic Organic Chamomile, relaxing Organic Lavender and fun-time Organic Mandarin, all guaranteed to leave baby’s skin feeling smooth, silky and ready for mum to massage. A little goes a long way so pour carefully!

Earth Friendly Baby Organic Chamomile, Lavender and Mandarin Shampoo & Bodywashes – 250ml, £3.99

Bath time has never been easier with these all-in-one organic shampoo & bodywashes. Specially formulated to gently cleanse Baby’s delicate hair and skin without leaving residue, dull hair or bath-time tears, choose from Organic Chamomile, Organic Lavender or Organic Mandarin and the best bit…. it will leave baby smelling sweet and most importantly, smiling!

Earth Friendly Baby Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar – 99g, £2.49

This tried and trusted, long lasting Natural Lavender Cleansing Bar is the perfect cleanser for baby and mum. Crammed with gentle, natural ingredients this gorgeous bar will beautifully soothe the skin as it cleanses and moisturises and includes just the right amount of lavender oil to add a touch of relaxing aromatherapy. And the best bit? The subtle scent of lavender will carefully relax baby and promote a natural, deep sleep.

Earth Friendly Baby Organic Red Clover Diaper Care Cream – 43g / 113g £2.99 / £5.49

Stroke away skin irritation such as nappy rash, with the most natural and successful remedy, the best selling Earth Friendly Baby Organic Red Clover Diaper Care Cream. Botanical extracts of soothing and effective Red Clover (most useful remedy for babies/children with skin problems) have been combined with zinc oxide to ensure this marvellous cream promotes healing where healing is needed. Designed to provide quick and effective relief from nappy discomfort and minor skin irritations this clever cream will seal out wetness to avoid further irritation.

The Earth Friendly Baby line-up is available from or call 0845 310 4411.


Earth Friendly Baby Organic Calendula Daily Care Cream 113g, £5.49

Baby’s bottom will now stay safe and soft for longer with this caring cream! Crammed with essential oil extracts of Calendula and beeswax which act as a natural barrier, this tender cream will protect delicate skin against wetness and maintain baby’s soft, sensitive skin. Calendula comes from the Marigold plant – renowned for its natural anti-fungal properties and used for years to combat all kinds of infections. It’s specially formulated to be used daily to moisturise skin and aid prevention of nappy area problems and minor skin irritations – so perfect for mummy’s stretch marks, too!

Earth Friendly Baby Eco Baby Wipes – 72 wipes, £2.99 These 100% biodegradable eco baby wipes were created to help the environment as well as baby’s delicate skin. These gentle, eco baby wipes are made from material derived from wood pulp and starch making them kinder to the environment. Blended with organic Chamomile and Calendula to soothe and calm baby’s most delicate areas they’ll leave baby’s skin smooth, soft and delicately cleansed.

Earth Friendly Baby Eco Diaper/Nappy Sacks – 50 sacks, £1.75 Unfragranced and 100% degradable, each nappy sack in this perforated roll comes complete with handy tie handles – a nursery essential.


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