A Gift of Relaxation with the Yantra Mat

Tracey Wilkinson, Yoga and Acupressure Therapist comments: “Taking time out to relax is essential for health and wellbeing but stress and anxiety can make it hard to unwind after a long day’s work. The practice of acupressure can significantly help to restore sleeping patterns by increasing circulation and reducing muscle tension. Try using a Yantra Mat, a portable foam acupressure mat, covered in spiked ‘flowers’ for 20 minutes before you go to bed. The spikes help to stimulate the body’s ‘acupoints’ and rebalance the flow of energy to achieve a deeper state of relaxation.”

· The Yantra Mat is foam mat covered in spiked “flowers” with 8,820 contact points designed to stimulate special ‘acupoints’ on the body through acupressure.

· The user is advised to lay down on the mat for around twenty minutes a day and in a response to the pressure the body’s natural ‘painkilling’ hormones ‘endorphins’ and ‘oxytocin’ are released, which both promote relaxation and reduce stress levels.

· Applying pressure to various points on the body increases blood circulation to enable the body to achieve a deeper state of relaxation.

· The Yantra Mat, £39.90, is available from Holland & Barrett, all good pharmacies and direct from Lifes2good on 0845 399 0038 or http://www.theyantramat.co.uk


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