Superwipes to remove food and drink stains

Mum’s Arcade have tried and tested Elias Superwipes, the stain removal wipes that fit into your handbag and remove most stains immediately. These wipes act as first aid removal for food and drink stains and are super easy to use and very effective.

You’ll be amazed at how well these wipes work on all sorts of stains and they’re great for life on the go, perfect for the busy mum.  How many of us go out with our children and see their clothes coming back in pristine condition?

We tried the wipes out on a range of yucky and messy stains and were surprised to see the most stubborn stains disappearing.  We found a circular motion worked best to remove the stains.

Please do not that these wipes are only for use on clothes that are not marked as “Do Not Bleach”.  They are not suitable for housework tasks or for personal hygiene.

Elias Superwipes are available at and cost. £2.49 for a pack of 5 wipes (£0.99 P & P). They can also be bought at all Elias Cleaners Ltd. throughout London They will be stocked in major UK retailers in the very near future!


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