Forget Me Not Package sorts Mother’s Day and more


We’ve all been there you walk through the door only to be greeted by cards reminding you of the birthday you missed or worse, the silent treatment because you forgot your anniversary. Help is at hand as Taylors Flowers has created the Forget-Me-Not package allowing you to order flowers for all the key occasions in one click.


Taking the worry out of trying to remember birthdays, Mother’s Day and anniversaries is the three-bouquet package available from just £99.99. But what if it isn’t a birthday or anniversary and you just want to say hello or cheer someone up? Well with the four-bouquet package you can ensure birthdays, anniversaries and others day are sorted and still have a spare arrangement for just such moments. Available from £129.99 from or by calling 0845 0099 304, the team at Taylors Flowers are on hand to help advise on the best arrangements available.


So if the love of your life adores tulips you can pre-order a bunch for their birthday, or for your mum who prefers pink and yellow roses, all these requests can be made when ordering. What’s more a personally written message can be added to all arrangements to add that finishing touch.


Founder, Kelly Taylor, has created an award winning boutique flower delivery service that offers a personal touch to each and every customer, wherever they are in the country. This one-to-one service combined with the use of only the best quality flowers, presented in an attractive and protective packaging, ensures every detail is covered to guarantee the lucky recipient will receive a striking bouquet, that will be as special as if you had hand-delivered it yourself.




So this year earn some brownie points for being more organised by letting someone else take care of the details. Find our more about the arrangements from Taylors Flowers by visiting the website or calling the team on 0845 0099 304.


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