Boot’s Advice on Bathtime


Practising good hygiene is one of the best ways to keep your baby healthy and happy. One way to help maintain good hygiene is during your baby’s bathtime[1]. Bathtime can also be a magical part of the day and a real chance for you and your baby to bond. Consumers have voted Boots the UK’s Top Family Brand[2], so where better to go for your baby’s bathtime essentials?


Help make bathtime fun with Disney’s new Winnie the Pooh range

Disney and Corine de Farme have created a range of soft, safe and soothing products uniquely developed for your baby from birth. The range has been developed with an ultra sensitive formulation with gentle ingredients, suitable for newborns. The products will help prevent your baby’s skin from drying and leave it feeling soft and moisturised.

The range includes:

– Winnie the Pooh Baby Hair and Body Wash 400ml (£2.69)

– Winnie the Pooh Baby Shampoo 400ml (£2.69)

– Winnie the Pooh Baby Lotion 400ml (£2.69)

– Winnie the Pooh Baby Bath 400ml (£2.69)

Available exclusively from Boots from 9th March to 5th April 2010


Gentle sponge baths are perfect for the first few weeks of a newborn’s life[3]. Consider Boots Ramer Ultra Soft Baby Sponges (£2.00 for two), which are ultra soft and caring on your baby’s skin. To help make bathtime fun consider Boots Fun Animal Sponges (£2.00 each). They have been made from a special material which makes them much softer than normal man-made sponges.


After the first few weeks of sponge baths, it is time to try a real bath[4]. Consider Boots Essentials Baby Bath (£7.99), which is an ergonomically designed specifically manufactured baby bath with safety in mind.


Help get your baby ready for sleep with Boots Dreamtime Calming Bath (£1.99). It is pH balanced to gently cleanse delicate skin without drying, leaving your baby’s skin soft and clean.


Newborn skin is especially delicate and can be prone to sensitivity and dryness. The Boots Baby Sensitive range has been developed by Boots Baby skincare experts in consultation with a leading dermatologist, to produce the mildest and gentlest product for your baby’s skin. There are some great value products in the range which help to prevent irritation before bed time. Each product will help to leave skin soft and smooth, and is suitable for all sensitive and dry skin conditions. The products are specially formulated to be 100% colour and fragrance-free, hypo-allegenic and dermatologically tested.


Boots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Head to Toe Wash (£1.99) is a unique 100% soap-free wash, specially designed with a low foaming formula.


Boots Baby Sensitive Moisturising Bath 400ml (£1.99) is a mild baby bath that is perfect for newborns. It is dermatologist and paediatrician approved and with added moisturisers, to gently cleanse and care.


Boots Baby Sensitive Conditioning Shampoo 400ml (£1.99) will gently cleanse and care for your baby’s hair, leaving it looking soft and shiny, whilst the added moisturisers gently condition and protect a baby’s delicate scalp. This unique tearless formulation is especially gentle to the eyes.


Boots Baby Sensitive Oil 300ml (£1.99) moisturises your baby’s delicate skin and seals in moisture to leave skin soft and smooth. Ideal for massaging your baby’s skin and also suitable for use on cradle cap.




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