Fizz your way to a fab Half-Term



Sodastream is one way families can have fun and save money at the same time, by using ordinary tap water to make great-tasting sparkling soft drinks and fizzy water at home. And with the average Brit drinking 229 litres of soft drink a year* there’s a lot of money to be saved.


Now there’s a whole host of Sodastream flavours available – from brand new flavours like Pink Grapefruit and Red Berry to favourites such as Cream Soda and Cherry as well as a naturally-flavoured Clear range.


For those who like an added boost to their day, Sodastream’s own energy drink Xtreme works out at a fraction of the cost of a leading brand – £0.12p for a standard 250ml serving   versus £1.35 – an extreme saving! There’s also a sugar-free version of Xtreme for detox fans, which has all the benefits but is sugar free. Brand new for January is an Isotonic Blueberry [to aid rehydration] – there’s something to suit every taste bud and mood.


And if you’re simply a fan of sparkling water, the saving could be even more, using only water from the tap and producing zero energy wastage in the process.


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