Continue or save Valentine’s Day

 Whether new-to-love, budget conscious,
extravagant or shy, this year take command of Cupid’s arrow and shoot for
a unique and romantic date that goes straight to the heart.  
For inspiration, Président Cheese provides the following Top 5 Dates to
get every kind of Romeo and Juliet thinking outside the chocolate box…
1.	The Temptress of Taste:  A chocolate box has long been the food pinnacle
of Valentine’s Day gifts, but it’s not exactly original.  This year,
trade choccies for cheese which is an excellent source of the chemical
serotonin that controls our positive love-inducing emotions.  There is
nothing more romantic and intimate than a shared selection of cheeses and
bottle of wine.  The trick is to go for elegant and indulgent cheeses, such
as Président Brie or Président Camembert , which will give you that
romantic serotonin hit in a mild and creamy bite.
2.	The Adventurous Aphrodite:  Valentine’s Day should not automatically
equate to a suit and tie or heels!  If you and your partner enjoy the great
outdoors, there’s no reason why you can’t say “I love you” whilst
bungee jumping off a cliff or rock climbing at your local sports centre. 
Jump online to find the nearest adventure sports outlet and get moving!
3.	The Budget-Conscious Beau: the Beatles said “money can’t buy love”
– and they were right.  It doesn’t require much thought to hand your
credit card over at the jewellery store!  Time spent creating a homemade
card, CD compilation of your favourite songs or IOU booklet full of massages
and cups of tea will be testament to how much your Valentine means to you.
4.	The DIY Devotee:  nothing says “je t’aime” like a Do-It-Yourself
romantic evening in.   Dress up your living room with candles and roses to
make the perfect at-home setting for a romantic meal.  Be a French
‘Romantique’ and include wine paired with a yummy platter of elegant and
indulgent cheeses to share (see Tip 2!). 
5.	The Extravagant Love Emperor:  if money is no object, then it is your
God-given right to go all out!   With Europe on your doorstep, why not take
a trip to France and enjoy an evening or two in the city of love with the
masters of good cheese?  

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