The Tweet Towel


WE ARE WHAT WE DO, the social movement behind the Anya Hindmarch ‘I’m NOT a Plastic Bag’ shopper and Historypin, has come up with the new cult gift, the Tweet Towel.

The Tweet Towel collides old fashioned crafts with digital social networking to create a customised tea towel bearing an embroidered, personal tweet of 140 characters or less. The perfect gift for grandmas that don’t tweet or kids that don’t cross stitch and a great way of getting the generations talking!

The £10 Tweet Towel offers an inventive way to give a personal present …and raise lots of money for charity at the same time – all profits go to We Are What We Do’s campaign to help close the damaging gap between older and young generations.

Tea towel tweeters can visit WE ARE WHAT WE DO’s site  to enter their short message, which will be embroidered and delivered within three to five days.

Nick Stanhope from WE ARE WHAT WE DO comments:

“The gaps between older and younger people are bigger than they’ve ever been and this is nowhere more striking than across the digital divide. There are 10 million people in the UK who are still offline and 46% of those are over the age of 65[i].  Yet, digital forms of communication make up 90% of how 11-18 year olds communicate[ii].

“There are now around 65 million tweets sent every day and more of that gigantic network could be used to increase contact and understanding between younger and older people.

“When more gets shared across generations, whether its internet skills or hand crafts, families and communities get stronger – and that’s what the Tweet Towel and our current campaign is all about.”

For more information and to submit your personal tweet to be stitched onto custom designed cotton visit

WE ARE WHAT WE DO, registered charity number 1134546 is a not-for-profit social movement which encourages individuals to take small actions that will make a big difference socially and environmentally. Founded in 2004, WE ARE WHAT WE DO has published three titles, Change The World For A Fiver which sold over one million copies worldwide, Change The World 9 to 5 which was launched by David Cameron in 2006 and Teach Your Granny To Text which was given to every school in the country by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) as a teaching resource. A collaboration with Anya Hindmarch and Sainsbury’s in 2007 launched the I am NOT a Plastic Bag shopper, taking the issues onto the front pages and helping Sainsbury’s reduce the number of free carrier bags issued by 58% in the following two years. features over 150 simple, positive everyday actions anyone can do to and track. – the current most popular actions include Hug someone, Cook a meal from scratch, Use a mug not a plastic cup and Read a story with your child.

[i] Ofcom 2010

[ii] Connected World, Carphone Warehouse 2008


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