Tightsplease – the easy way to buy hosiery

Tightsplease.co.uk was born in 2000 out of the frustration at the inconvenience of going to the shops to buy tights, stockings, hold ups and socks. What is the point in going to buy a pair of tights for a few pounds and paying at least as much again in petrol and parking? Only to then find the shop didn’t stock the type of product you wanted!

Since then Tights Please has grown to be one of the largest online hosiery retailers in the world. At any one time they stock over 15,000 pairs of the tights, stockings, hold ups, socks, lingerie and Shapewear from the best brands in the world. This means you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

Mum’s Arcade tried out some black Shapewear from Spanx via Tights Please.  Brilliant product and it was so pleasant to wear a dress without the tummy protruding and spoling the silhouette.  Taking a look around the Tightsplease website is really exciting with their range of socks, tights, stockings and celebrity-inspired goodies.

Over a million people visit Tights Please each year and they have supplied tights to international celebrities, film makers, fashion designers and consumers all over the world.

So, if you would like your legs to experience their fantastic service please just try them today!



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