Fink Cards get your family talking

Fink conversation cards are fabulous in our view.

Why?  Well, Mum’s Arcade think anything that encourages families to switch off the telly and gaming machines in favour of conversation has to be a good thing.

Fink Cards appear just like a normal pack of cards but can take your family communication to a whole new level.  Each of the brightly coloured cards has a question on it that stimulates debate.

Examples include  …

What do you want to be doing in ten years time?

If you could change your name, what would you choose and why?

Describe your dream house?

What is your favourite memory?

Great for use at mealtimes or any other occasion when the family are together.

Research shows that regular mealtimes help your family develop more than just good eating habits.  As the conversation flows around the dining table, children learn to share views and ideas, develop listening skills and gain mutual respect.  As interesting discussions take place, there is the opportunity for the famly to really get to know each otehr and to find out about family traditions.  Sharing love, laughter and fun brings a family closer and regular time together offers children a deep sense of security and stability.

What do we fink?  We fink that Fink cards are fab!


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