Globees – give your loved one the world!


Where did you have your most romantic moment?  Where did you go on honeymoon?  Places hold a special significance for most people in their lives, particularly when they’re in love.  Globees are special globes, capture the essence of a city, and are the perfect gift this Valentine’s Day.


Globees are globes of cities across the world, including: London, Paris, New York, Las Vegas, Venice, Rome, Sydney, Berlin; and UK cities such as Edinburgh, Oxford and Cambridge.  Each Globee has been designed by an artist to illustrate the city’s landmarks and serve as a perfect souvenir of some of the world’s most beautiful and romantic cities.   Globees come in three different sizes, each in an attractive presentation box, along with a booklet packed with key facts, about the historic and tourist sites depicted on the Globees.


Mum’s Arcade have a Globee featuring Cambridge.  It generates memories of friendship, fun and frolics.  Looking at the attractive and colourful Globee generates memories and feelings from times past.  There are landmarks outlined in writing and pictures that trigger good thoughts.  The Globee provides a talking point for everyone who sees it.  It is the perfect gift for anyone who has a special connection with a city, whatever that connection might be.    Perfect for the home or the office, Mum’s Arcade highly recommend Globees.


These original gifts have only been on the market for a few months, and are already selling well in major stores including John Lewis, Fenwick, and WHSmith, together with gift shops across the world.  To see a list of stockists, or place an order online, please visit  Prices start at £19.95. Place an order before 10 February and receive a Globee moneybox or 4” Globee absolutely free.


Managing Director, David Sinclair said: “If you want to give your Valentine an original and romantic gift this year, give them a reminder of that special place, give them a Globee.”






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