Thoroughly Decent Manners for Men Book

Much as we love them, our men don’t always understand the finer points of polite society. What is the etiquette for going on your first holiday together? How should your man treat your female friends? How should your man handle the sensitive issue of money?


All these tricky matters are carefully (and light heartedly) considered in a new book produced by Wadworth the traditional brewers of fine ales from Wiltshire, in association with Debrett’s the nation’s exclusive arbiters of etiquette. Thoroughly Decent Manners for Men (What Women Really Want) is an entertaining, wise and informative book for the modern man.


“We at Wadworth believe that 6X drinkers are discerning gentlefolk who carefully consider their social standing and their social interactions,” explains Charles Bartholomew, Chairman of Wadworth Brewery. “In essence 6X drinkers are thoroughly decent people, which is why we have teamed up with Debrett’s to combine our expertise to produce this ultimate guide to etiquette in the 21st century.”


The smart navy soft back book contains 188 pages of etiquette wisdom, is illustrated with beautiful colour photographs and contains nine generous chapters covering all the important issues of life and women.


Persuade your man to spend a few quiet moments with this book. Settle him down with a perfect pint of malty, fruity 6X and let him take a browse through these valuable pages. You’ll both appreciate the benefits!


As the sub-title – What Women Really Want – implies, this book is a great buy, not only for men who want to educate themselves, but for women who would just like to give their partners a gentle nudge in the right direction.


The book is for sale at £12.50 plus £2 p&p. See the online shop at








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