Treat Head Lice in 15 minutes

What is Linicin® Lotion 15 min?

Lotion 15 min (dimeticone) is a NEW anti-head lice lotion that eliminates head lice and nits in a gentle and effective manner1 and is suitable for the whole family. It works mechanically to block the louse’s uptake of oxygen using the active ingredient dimeticone. Because this mode of action is physical rather than chemical, the lice do not develop resistance to Linicin

What are the key features of Linicin® Lotion 15min?
It works within 15 minutes!
It is clinically tested with proven efficacy.
It comes with a fine-toothed steel comb to remove dead lice and
check other family members for head lice.
It is colourless, odourless and free from insecticides.
It can be used on children from the age of 6 months, and during
pregnancy and breastfeeding.
It even works on insecticide-resistant strains of head lice.
It comes in a bottle with easy to use applicator tip.
Consumers who have tested the product would recommend to others.

Where is Linicin® Lotion 15 min available?

LinicinLotion 15 min can be purchased in independent pharmacies and at
It is available in 100ml bottles, which is enough product for a minimum of 2 treatments.
Visit to find out more.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. cherrymumof6
    Feb 07, 2011 @ 13:49:32

    Oh thankyou, i shall be getting some of this, i have tried allsorts, some work and some don’t.
    Bring back the nit nurse!


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