Food Storage from Sistema

Fed up of having to wade through the cupboards just to find that your favourite cereal has vanished and the yet the empty box is still sitting in the same place? Constantly battling with the fridge door because it’s rammed with oversized take away cartons?  Are your kids driving you demented because they don’t put the lids on things properly and always have eyes bigger than stomach, so half their food ends up in the bin?

Well don’t despair as sistema, (who feel your pain) have created a fantastic and home friendly range of food storage boxes just in time for you to start your spring clean! The uniquely designed boxes from New Zealand ensure your food stays fresh for longer and each box has a rubberised seal making sure nothing can escape! And most importantly they are clear! So you can actually see what’s in them and how much of it is left!

Sistema products are perfect for every type of left over as they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the capacity of the products range from 200ml to 7 litres. There is also a bakery and utility range, a lunch box and a breakfast container with separate compartments (perfect for breakfast on the go!). All products are manufactured using FDA approved 100% lead free virgin materials. They are also BPA free, dishwasher safe, freezer and microwave safe.

The sistema range includes:

ü  Sistema lunch- a range of lunch boxes so that you can safely and hygienically carry your lunch with you through the day.

ü  Sistema utility- a range of boxes that are have been designed specifically to store, pasta, juice, cereal, meat and vegetables.

ü  Sistema bakery- a range designed to store foods specifically for baking.

ü  Sistema packsa selection of Sistemas key products for all your food storage needs

So what are you waiting for? Eliminate that cupboard chaos and give your kitchen the spring clean it really deserves! Sistema products are available to buy at Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Wilkinsons, Matalan, John Lewis and many more. RRP ranges from £2.49 – £11.99 for packs.


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