Slendertone for a new body

If you’re determined that 2011 is going to be the year you shape up and tone up, here are some ideas from Slendertone.  With not one, but four different products specifically designed to target those stubborn areas – stomach, arms, bottom and thighs – the Slendertone range, including System Plus, System Arms, Bottom Toner and System-Shorts, will help you achieve the more svelte, toned body you are looking for.


STOMACH: Slendertone System Plus (RRP £139.99) is Slendertone’s most advanced abs belt with technical features designed to deliver a more slimline figure in just 4 weeks. It provides a complete abdominal workout and using the belt for 20 minutes a day is the equivalent of doing 120 sit ups. You can also wear Slendertone System Plus under your clothes so now you can get on with your life while toning your body professionally at the same time!


ARMS: If you feel conscious of your bingo wings and tend to avoid anything strapless, then Slendertone System Arms (RRP 119.98) is for you. The easy-to-use toner works the tricep and is designed to help you achieve tighter, more toned arms. Simply use System Arms four times a week for five weeks and you will soon have the confidence to go totally sleeveless and strapless!


BOTTOM and THIGHS: If all you want  is a shapelier bottom, look no further than Slendertone’s Bottom Toner (RRP £119.99).  It visibly tightens and firms your muscles, and is the most effective way to lift and re-shape your bottom in just four-to-eight weeks – 90% of users reported an improvement in shape! What’s more, if the thighs also need an uplift, then Slendertone’s System-Shorts garment (RRP £139.99) will get to work on both trouble zones at the same time, firming and toning the whole area.
Dr Trish Smith, Bio-Medical Research Ltd (parent company of Slendertone) and qualified physician, comments: “At New Year we all find ourselves setting goals and making resolutions to get fitter, trimmer and healthier. Slendertone has a full range of products to tone and train your muscles and help you achieve a healthier looking, leaner body. When combined with a healthy lifestyle, Slendertone can make those New Year goals and resolutions a little easier to achieve without disturbing your daily routine.

“The entire Slendertone range applies natural body science to tone those hard to reach muscles.  The clinically proven electro muscle stimulation (EMS) technology mimics the body’s natural muscle action by stimulating the nerves supplying each muscle group to generate strong, deep yet comfortable contractions to tone and strengthen muscles.”

So don’t just talk about achieving the body beautiful, go for it with help from Slendertone!


All Slendertone products are available from


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