Housework made funky with Sarah Smith

Housework made funky with Sarah Smith

Over at Mum’s Arcade, we like writing, reviewing and living.  Housework has to be done but is by no means a favourite activity.

However, we are inspired to do a Spring Clean courtesy of the funky range of household cleaning products from Sarah Smith.  Only Sarah Smith could make dishcloths reminiscent of Fifties glamour.  I love the Fifties and really enjoy jazzing up my kitchen with Sarah Smith.  Pinks, yellows and oranges with strong bold patterns.

Vibrant colours are great but I find Sarah Smith products are also very good at doing their job.

Dishcloths are anti-bacterial, machine-washable and long-lasting.  Creative mums have turned them into table-cloths, wrapping paper, bunting and dresses!  They really are that gorgeous.

The products are made in Bridgewater, Somerset and have a cult following and lots of online fans.

All Sarah Smith products are made in accordance with Oeko-Tex 100 standard and are therefore certified free of substances that could hurt the environment or humans.  The Sarah Smith range includes dishcloths, wipes, scourers, aprons, bags, towels and tea-towels.

The sharp-eyed will have seen Sarah Smith featuring in Jamie Oliver’s River Cottage Kitchen.

They are available in Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Ocado.


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