Love Letter Scent

A Love Letter with a difference this Valentines.

Love Letter 100% Organic Solid Scent is a fragrance created for women who love the smell of a flower garden.  The romantic floral bouquet scent invokes memories of love and romance with Rose and Jasmine as the heart notes, Rose Geranium as the head note and a base note of Sandalwood.  It really is the most gorgeous aroma and presented in a wonderful way.

Creator Skye Connelly explains: “I wanted to embrace scent not just fashion.  Some perfumers believe the true essence of perfume is found within the essential oils and is lost when mixed with alcohol.  Our Love Letter Solid Scent is a timeless fragrance that is handmade and hand-blended in small batches using traditional production methods.  The process takes over two weeks starting with the infusion of the essential oils to enable the deeper notes to develop before combining with cocoa butter and was and allowing to solidify.”

Solid scents are enjoying a renaissance and we were very happy to be introduced to the concept.

Presented in a black and pink gift box and contained in a recycled and 100% recyclable tin with biodegradable labelling, Love Letter is fun to send and pleasant to receive.

It is a perfume that is easy to apply with the fingertips to the desired area.  You put it where you would put a liquid perfume.

It is compact so easy to carry in purse or handbag during a busy day or when on a night out.

The product is very special and affordable at just £9.99.

Just one word of warning for Valentine’s Day.  The box is about the size of a ring box so beware that your partner does not think you are proposing marriage (unless you are of course!).  Perhaps you can combat that danger by buying one of the other fragrances available and giving her two or three love letters at once.  Kismet  has sweet orange and Patchouli and The Girls has Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Cocoa.

Love Letter and the other fragrances are available from The Natural Beauty Rooms and The Nature Store, Soak in Hastings, Plenty Provisions in St Leonards on Sea, Uniquely Organic in Hove, Lily of the Shire and online from The Green Grocery, The Green Apple, Ethical Community and MollyCoddles.  Love Letter is suitable for all women except those who are pregnant or breastfeeding due to its jasmine content.



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  1. Skye
    Jan 26, 2011 @ 16:46:07

    Wonderful! Thank you for a great little write up on Love Letter. I never thought about the ring sized boxed, but as kindly put it is pleasant to receive. I designed the packaging to be charming and present-like. Kindness Skye x


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