New Oat and Fruit Slices – one of your 5 per day


The Fabulous Baking Boys have a new snack product which contains one fruit portion in each slice.

The new Fruit and Oat slices are available in the yummy flavours of Strawberry and Oat, Blackcurrant and Oat and Apple and Oat.

I tried out the snacks on the whole family who have very different food tastes.  Everyone loved them.

Daddy said, “These are great snacks to keep me going on my long commute to work”

The delicious fibre-packed snack bars consist of two layers with a fruity base crammed with sultanas, apples and apricots topped with oats and sprinkled with strawberry, blackberry or apple pieces.

For me, the biggest benefit of the snack was how each slice contains one portion of fruit.  Are you a Mum like me who is always trying to work out how to incorporate 5 fruit and vegetable portions into your children’s daily diet?   These snacks provide reassurance as children eat them merrily with Mum knowing they are eating healthily.

My children always return home from school saying that they are hungry.  The snacks are something that does not require any preparation but satisfies them until teatime.  That makes me an instant fan!

Finally, I asked my youngest son aged 5 which of the snacks he liked best.

“I like all of the flavours best”, he said.  High praise indeed.

The bars come in packs of 5 and are available from Asda and Sainsbury’s now.  They will appear in Tesco from 16th February 2011.


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