How to create the perfect soft bath with Johnson’s Baby

All mothers know that they can trust Johnson’s Baby.  Their range includes reassuring products such as Johnson’s classic  baby lotions and their various ranges of creams and oils.

However, Johnson’s Baby is not just for babies.  It is perfect for those times when you are feeling stressed and need to let go and relax.

We recommend Johnson’s Baby Soft Bath for a lovely bath for people of any age.  With Valentine’s Day just round the corner, maybe it could be a bath for two very special people.  Lovely scent, velvety feeling on the skin, perfect!

Here are some tips to help you create the Perfect Soft Bath experience.

1.       Turn off the phone, put down that book and instead just have some still and quiet time.  Even taking just 10 minutes a day to wind down and digest the day’s information can leave you with a clear and calm head.

2.       Run your bath and pour in some Johnson’s Soft Bath – swirl it into the water to create a rich lather.  You can even add some rose petals for a romantic treat.

3.       Whilst your bath is running, pour yourself some camomile tea to sip on. Camomile is thought to relax nerves and boost your immune system

4.       Place some relaxing candles around the bath to complement your bath.  Rose and jasmine are the main scents of Johnson’s thought to ease tensions.

5.       Step into the bath and place pieces of cool cucumber over your eyes for 10 minutes to reduce puffiness.  It also helps ward off anyone thinking of interrupting your relaxation.

6.       Once you have had your bath and relaxed into a peaceful state of mind, wrap yourself in a big fluffy towel and notice your silky soft skin.

Johnson’s Soft Baby Bath for relaxation alone or romance for two.


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