Snuggle up with your Valentine and a Sound Asleep Blanket

Snuggle up with your Valentine and a Sound Asleep Blanket

If you are not going out this Valentine’s Day because babysitters are hard to find or you are cash-strapped, why not snuggle up with your loved one.  To get you in the mood for love,  you might fancy some romantic music or a tearjerker film?

I could quite happily settle down all night long with my husband in the cosy Sound Asleep speaker blanket which is a fleece blanket that actually includes speakers hidden in the hood too.  What a clever idea!

You can hook up the speakers to any audio advice – MP3 players, laptops, radios or televisions.

Sound Asleep has romance in mind just now and can personalise a pillowcase for your special one by stitching on a cute nickname, message or even a proposal!  Sound Asleep does all the hard work for you – all you need to tell them is what to write.

The Sound Asleep range also includes pillows and a headboard.

The pillow is great allowing you to enjoy some sexy sounds in the bedroom.

The headboard has undetectable speakers hidden inside so you can have no fuss, surround sound as you connect to audio devices.

Snuggle up this Valentine’s Day in the wonderfully affordable and very special Sound Asleep range.


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