Soothe and uplift your Valentine with Pukka

Fancy moving away from the traditional gifts of chocolates and flowers this Valentine’s Day?

We think any woman would love to receive the gift pack from Pukka Herbs.  Perhaps particularly welcome to mums due to its uplifting and soothing qualities.

So what is in the pack?

There is an attractive and solid bottle of organic rosewater.  The bottle is transparent with a silver-coloured cap and a lovely orange, pink and cream floral label.  Rosewater is traditionally used for toning the skin, cooling hot flushes and raising your spirits.  The spray can form part of your routine as a natural facial cleanser and gentle make-up remover.

We loved the spray.  It really does lift the mood instantly and the aroma lingers giving you an ongoing feel-good factor.

So with mood uplifted, we looked at the second component of the gift pack.

This is Love Tea which claims to warm your heart so perfect for your Valentine.  The packaging is in the same colours as the Rosewater spray but with a predominance of a magenta pink swirled with gold.  The tea is a unique blend of fragrant herbs including organic rose, chamomile and lavender.

We made the tea and loved its lovely taste.  It really helped make for a relaxing time.

It is our firm view that you can’t get loved up if you are not relaxed and energised.  So if you want your Valentine’s Day to go well, this gift comes highly recommended.  It is an affordable £9.99 and available from


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