Personalised children’s books this Christmas

Your child can now be the star in their bedtime stories with a delightful new range of personalised books from French company Unique Editions, now available for the first time in English.

The books, suitable for children aged 0 – 10, allow parents, godparents or family members to insert the names and photographs of the child and themselves into various adventures that fire the imagination while teaching children about the world around them.

There are three titles for children aged five and under, all of which can be adapted to suit boys or girls, with siblings or without. The Little World Oflets children see themselves in everyday settings alongside their family – like going to the park, taking a bath and playing in a sandpit. The Enchanted Garden encourages the child to imagine themselves as various garden creatures, like bunnies and butterflies. My First Moments shows the touching story of how the child’s parents fell in love, had a baby and what the first days at home were like.

There are three titles for older children aged four to ten: The Amazing Family, which turns the child’s family into superheroes including bulging muscles and capes (mums will LOVE the body they get!) as they fight villains; Travel the World, which places the child in various locations around the world while teaching them facts about the different countries; and The Magical Journey of transforms little girls into princesses and mermaids, and boys into pirates and knights as they go on an adventure with a genie.

Unlike other personalised books currently available on the market, the Unique Editions range combines modern yet artistic illustrations and uses professional digital and off-set printing with the highest quality materials, all with well-written stories.


The books are available from and cost €29.50 (approximately £25). Contact :


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