Salter Kids in the Kitchen Baking Set

It is one of the loveliest parts of being a parent to bake with your children.  Salter have some fabulous sets which would make fabulous presents for children aged 6 years plus.

We tried out the Salter Baking Set.  It came in a sturdy and attractive box.  My little girl was very excited to see what was inside.  She was jumping around on the spot desperate to open up the box.  Inside she found:

A 2.5 l plastic mixing bowl with level marker

The bowl has internal level markings for measuring liquids and a handy pouring spout.  It is colourful and easy to clean.

A large double-handed sieve

This keeps the sieve steady and fits over the whole bowl so far less mess!

Rolling Pin

This is weighted for easier rolling.  It is colourful and attractive too.

3 cookie cutters

These are fun with a star, diamond and smiley face.  Again, they are colourful and attractive to children.

You could see that my daughter felt really important having her own equipment.  She had a sense of independence and knew she could make something that he would enjoy eating later such as the Vanilla Cookies for which there is a recipe in the instruction booklet.

Doing things together, having a giggle and assisting with her numeracy and literacy.  Fabulous!

The instruction booklet came with several recipes for cookies and essential safety advice.

This kit will come out again and again unlike many Christmas gifts where the initial buzz will disappear within hours or days  Perfect for rainy days or when the children say they are bored..  Value for money with a RRP £19.99


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