Alive and Kicking Footballs – great gift, helps Africa

This Christmas buy someone an African-made Fairtrade football and you will automatically gift another ball to an underprivileged African child who has never had the chance to play with a proper football.
The handmade Alive & Kicking footballs cost £32.50 and arrive hand-wrapped in a gift box with a card marking your donation.
The footballs are made out of locally sourced materials in Kenya and Zambia and are professionally stitched by local adults who are given essential employment at a fair wage by the UK charity Alive and Kicking
For £80 you can choose to donate five balls to children in Africa and the recipient of the gift in the UK with receive a gold gift card detailing the donation.  Or you can donate 10 balls for £140 or 50 balls for £600.  For each of these gifts, the recipient in the UK can receive regular updates from the children who have received the balls.

Alive and Kicking director Will Prochaska says, “The footballs are the perfect Christmas present for any football fan.  By purchasing one, you are helping someone in Kenya and Zambia stay in employment and you are also giving an underprivileged African child the oppotunity to play with a proper football – often for the first time.


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