Walltastic murals for your child’s room


Walltastic provide a classic range of designer wallpaper murals for children.  These unique, colourful and highly detailed murals are loved by children of all ages and will give any wall the wow factor.

Be that little bit different this Christmas and instead of a toy that will be forgotten about in hours or days, transform you child’s  bedroom with a mural linked to their particular interests.

Fantasy lands come alive whether your little girl loves princesses or your darling boy has a passion for football.  There are murals designs that will be preferred by tots and also ones for the teen market.

Escape into an underwater treasure hunt, go walking with dinosaurs, chat with magical fairies or go travelling in space.  The murals stimulate the imagination and are lovely to wake up to.

My little girl has had an obsession with horses since she was tiny.  She adores her Horse and Pony stables mural.  Lots of pink, lots of fields, horse and ponies of different shapes and sizes.  Perfect!

The product is affordable at £34.99 and covers a space up to 8 foot by ten foot.

You do not have to be a DIY genius either as the mural comes in twelve strips that are really easy to apply.



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