Penn State Festive Pretzels

We love Penn State’s Christmas-themed pretzels as they are both tasty and fun to look at.  They come in generous sized bags and are great for quiet nights in, party snacks or as pre-dinner nibbles.   As daft as it sounds, these snacks really did help adults and children alike get in the Christmas spirit.

Cheddar Cheese Festive Pretzel Mix £1.49 for 250g

Enjoy a limited edition generous-sized bag of seasonal shapes.  With a tangy taste of Cheddar cheese, these are bursting with flavour and fun too.  Trees, star and bells to nibble on.

Sea Salt and Black Pepper Pretzel Stars £1.29 for 175g

Add a touch of sophistication to your festive snacks with pretzels shaped as stars.  Made to an authentic American pretzel recipe and seasoned with sea salt and a spiky hit of black pepper.

There are also Giant Pretzels available and the classic range including Sour Cream and Chive flavour and Sweet and Spicy Salsa Flavour.

Available from all major supermarkets across the UK and you can find out more at



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