Hippychick Wheelybug – the ultimate ride-on

We loved the Hippychick Wheelybugs,.  They are bright and funky and they provide proper ride-on fun.  The beautifully handcrafted bugs available in a striking ladybird, bee, cow or mouse designs and are made from the highest quality materials .  You really can see them lasting and being handed down as the toy heirlooms of the future.

The Wheelybug is designed to give toddlers aged 1-5 ultimate to explore their newly developing motor and spatial awareness skills.

What we particularly liked was the due to the Wheelybug’s unique castors, the ride on can go in all sorts of directions – forwards, backwards, sideways and round in circles.

An easy to grip handle means the toy can be used as a pushalong for babies and tots as they take those first faltering steps.

A great buy for those who care about the environment, the Wheelybug is totally PVC free while its sturdy wooden frame is made from renewable timber lumber.

The ride remains comfy as the seat has a sponge layer.  The padding is covered with a tough wipe clean polyurethane layer so the Wheelybug stays looking good for years.

Our little boy loved riding on the Wheelybug and our little girl totally adored her ladybird friend.  As parents, we felt the toy was value for money due to its robust and sturdy nature.  The Wheelybug is a really special ride-on and so much better in every way than those plastic alternatives.

The Wheelybugs cost £55 for a small size and £65 for a large size.  They are available from http://hippychick.com


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