Salter Kids in the Kitchen Measuring Set


It is one of the loveliest parts of being a parent to bake with your children.  Salter have some fabulous sets which would make fabulous presents for children aged 6 years plus.

We tried out the Salter Mechanical Measure scale Set.  It came in a sturdy and attractive box.  My little boy was very excited to see what was inside.

A Mechanical Kitchen Scale

This weighs up to 1kg with a handy measure-marker feature to help you weigh out the ingredients.

A wind-up timer

This helps you keep track of time up to one hour so you don’t burn your cakes.

MeasureMan measuring spoons

You move his arms to use the different sized spoons

You could see that he felt really important having his own equipment.  He had a sense of independence and knew he could make something that he would enjoy eating later.

As a parent, it was great to know that as well as having fun, I could help him to understand the importance of measurement and timing if he wants to fulfil his dream of becoming a chef.  Doing things together, having a giggle and assisting with his numeracy and literacy.  Fabulous!

The instruction booklet came with several recipes for flapjacks and essential safety advice.

This kit will come out again and again unlike many Christmas gifts where the initial buzz will disappear within hours or days.  Value for money with a RRP £19.99



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