Sound Asleep blankets and pillows – affordable warmth and sounds too


Sound Asleep has an innovative range of gifts for all the family from children to elderly relatives.  Each item has hidden speakers and can be connected to any audio device.

Mum might want to snuggle up in a Sound Asleep speaker blanket and listen to her MP3 player.  Teenagers might like to relax and hook up to their gaming consoles.  Grandad might like to listen to the radio with his family reassured that he is keeping warm this winter.

We can tell you that the blankets are lovely, cosy and fleecy.  The added element of having speakers is wonderful.  Pure relaxation.

The blankets are also really affordable from £15.  There are adult and children versions and a range of colours including girly pink or manly blue.

With a fierce Winter already and more to come, invest in a Sound Asleep speaker blanket now and buy one for a loved one this Christmas.

The Sound Asleep range also includes pillows, travel pillows and headboards all with the same hidden speakers.

All products are available from


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