Pictionary – an old favourite now improved for Christmas 2010



The world’s favourite drawing game Pictionary is celebrating 25 years of sketching fun.

I used to love Pictionary as a student and young person.  It always guaranteed a party atmosphere and a good giggle too.

I was delighted to see the most recent version with its new colourful look and feel.  Players draw out a series of clues based on themes such as Action or Object for their team to deduce.

Now I am a mum, it was great to have different sets of cards to meet the needs of children and adults.  Big kids and little ones can really compete now in a fast-paced, hilarious game where everyone’s imagination can run riot.

The other important thing to say is you don’t need to be good at art to enjoy this game.  Stick figures will do or for Turners-in-training, they can go wild.

Although targeted at people aged over 8 years, my creative daughter aged 6 loved the game joining in with her 10 year old brother and Mummy and Daddy.

A very affordable game perfect for families or for groups of adults and/or children

RRP £20


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