Shaun the Sheep Party Animals dvd – recommended for Christmas

Theres no disguising the fun with Shaun the Sheep and his barnyard buddies in these 8 new flocktastic episodes! Shaun The Sheep Party Animals is available from 2 entertain DVD  priced £12.99

For shear fun and adventures, Shaun and the gang sure take some bleating!  There’s all kinds of laughs and escapades happening down on the farm – the flock are trying to fool the farmer at his own fancy dress party, sheep are in the sky after a hot air balloon lands in the field; alien scientists and power crazy pigs cause havoc on the farm

This fantastic release contains 4 exclusive Shaun the Sheep Christmas cards plus a bonus digital copy for you to download.  So grab your invitation to laughter for some sheepherding fun that’s sure to rock the flock!

My children aged 10, 6 and 5 all loved it and laughed out loud.

Shaun The Sheep: Party Animals DVD is available for a RRP of £12.99


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