Charlie and Lola boxed set of 11 dvds – ideal Christmas gift

This delightful collection brings together all 80 episodes from the BAFTA Award-Winning series Charlie and Lola. Available from BBC DVD with an RRP of £29.99.

Charlie and Lola is a fun filled and imaginative animated series for young children. It focuses on the relationship between brother and sister, Charlie and Lola and tells the story of how they handle the little issues that they, as young children, encounter every day.

Charlie is seven – he likes rockets, making racing cars and playing football with his friend Marv, who lives downstairs. Lola is four, but very nearly five. She likes pink milk, chimpanzees and her best friend Lotta. She is fascinated by everything and is very independent.

As they come up against life’s daily problems (be it a spider or learning how to share) they use their own method of problem solving: imagination and fantasy. And when Lola is unsure or worried, Charlie is there to support her with humour and logic.

This fabulous 11-disc complete collection brings together all of Charlie and Lola’s adventures from all three series, including the Christmas and Easter Specials, making it the perfect gift for every Charlie & Lola fan.

You can find out what my children felt about it by visiting


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