Milton’s Antibacterial handwash – hygiene on the move.

Milton’s Antibacterial handwash comes in a handy size ideal for placing in your handbag or for use when out and about travelling.  There is no need for water to rinse so the handwash is easily used when on days out with the children.

It has been clinically proven to kill fungi, bacteria and viruses within seconds.

What I liked was its blue colour, the fact that is moisturised your hands and its lovely fresh scent.  It gave you confidence that it was making your hands really clean.

Use before and after changing a baby

Use before and after eating

Use when at public facilities

In other words, it is perfect to take out with you whether at leisure or at work.

Just £2.14 for peace of mind.

For more information, visit and see the Milton Facebook page at

I am also currently testing Bio-Oil which claims to help with skin tone and stretchmarks.  I will report back soon but in the meantime, check out





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  1. Cherry Jam
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 12:25:15

    I like this too and tolerate it best out of the anti bacterial handwashes available on the market, which is quite an accolade since I’m allergic to alcohol. Perhaps because there aren’t as many perfumes added to it as others contain, perhaps because you don’t need as much as you do with cheaper brands or perhaps because it evaporates quickly. I use it mainly for nappy changes when I’m not near any soap and water facilities. I like the colour and feel of it too – nice and light on your skin, evaporates quickly.
    As a point of interest, it can also be very amusing if your child ever ingests it. My 20 month old (at the time) once managed to swallow about 5-10ml of this and got very tipsy. After being reassured by NHS Direct that we hadn’t accidentally poisoned our daughter, we watched as she tried to climb furniture, dance, jump and spin aroundwhile “under the influence”. After several hours of uncoordinated stumbling around, she finally and suddenly fell asleep. The poor little thing had an “ow in my head” the next day. I recommend it for handwashing rather than inebriation.


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