A wonderful Household Caddy from the Camouflage Company

Have you ever gone from one room to another with the intention of cleaning and realised that you do not have all the things you need with you?

The Camouflage Company have come up with a solution to this age-old problem and sent me their Household Caddy to test.  It is so much better than horrible rigid containers.

The first thing I noticed was how pretty it was with a floral pattern called French Silk taken from a painting in the National Gallery of Madame Moitessier by Jean August Dominique Ingres. 

Housework is always a chore and this product at least makes it pretty and practical too.

It is a cube-shaped, wipe-clean box with plenty of space for all your cleaning bottles, sprays, dusters and cloths.  It has good strong handles and is sturdy so will last for years.  When not in use, it can be squeezed into tight corners and also folds down flat.

My daughter felt it had other potential uses too including a large make-up bag.  I think it is one of those things that once you have it, you will find lots of uses for.

Check out www.thecamouflagecompanyshop.com for a range of products to help you when out shopping, when in the laundry, when cooking and when gardening.  Attractive products making the tasks of every day life that much more pleasant.


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