Chatimals – the perfect friend for your little ones

When you are a mum, one of the frustrations of buying toys is that so often the pleasure of them only lasts about a hour before the children get bored.

If you have experienced that feeling of laying out your hard-earned cash only to see a toy shoved in a corner, allow me to recommend the Chatimal.  Not only is he lots of fun but he appeals to children of all ages.  In our family, this meant official children aged 9, 6 and 4 plus two middle-aged parents and an 83 year old Grandad.

The Chatimal is a friendly little hamster just looking for people to get to know.  He is an attractive enough chap to start with but he has hidden depths.  Press his hand and it lights up red.  The Chatimal will then repeat the words you say but in his excited and high-pitched voice.  I found this caused huge hilarity to anyone who came across him.  As the children giggle, he mimics that sound too causing yet more merriment.

I was surprised to see that the toy even appealed to my teenager in training who is generally cynical about “babyish” things these days.

Since receiving the Chatimal, my daughter calls him “Mr Chatterbox” and he comes out all the time.  I can even get him to repeat my tidying up instructions to the children and they take more notice of their little hamster pal.   I can do with friends like that.

The real test for a toy in our household is who wants to take him to bed with them.  In the Chatimal’s case, all the children including the teenager in training wanted him under their duvet.

The Chatimal is affordable and entertains the whole family.  Perfect for Christmas or for any occasion where you want to liven things up a bit.

You can buy the Chatimal online from for £24.99.  Bear in mind that for that price, you make the whole family laugh out loud.  Check out for more information.


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  1. Cherry Jam
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 11:54:10

    I like the sound of this – especially the tidying up instructions being obeyed! Maybe this will go on my Christmas wishlist…..


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