B.Sensible – a waterproof fitted sheet and mattress protector in one

Mum’s Arcade would like to highly recommend the B.Sensible range of bedding for babies and children.

We all like to get twice for the price and B.Sensible neatly combines a fitted sheet with a mattrress protector in one soft, waterproof and breathable product.

As a mum to three young children, I know how mattresses and fancy bedding can get damaged by baby sick and bed-wetting.  Ok, we don’t like to talk about these things but we all know they happen.    They are not pleasant and anything that reduces the stress in sorting out these issues has to be a good thing.

I tested the single bed size of B.Sensible as I have a little girl who still bed-wets from time to time.  How wonderful when she had one of her incidents to be able to take the sheet off the next morning knowing it could be washed at 90 degrees.    You can also safely pop the sheet in the tumble drier.

When the product arrived, I expected it to be some harsh and nasty feeling material.  I was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the sheet.  It is made from Tencel a natual hygienic nanofibre that comes from eucalyptus trees.  Combined with a smart stretchable membrane that is virtually undetectable, it acts as a hypoallergenic barrier against moisture, bacteria and dust mites.  You really can’t tell the difference from any other sheet unless, if anything, that it is softer and more pleasant to the touch.

One night, when my daughter had a bad dream, she came into my bed and m husband went into hers.  He has severe psoriasis and commented how the sheet did not seem to irritate his skin at all.

With sheets available in all cot and bed sizes, there are obvious uses for those with skin conditions or incontinence.

The sheet came in its own canvas bag and is available in a range of colours allowing you to match it to your bedroom or nursery’s colour scheme.   So you can have peace of mind without compromising on style.

When you consider how much sheets and mattresses cost, the  B.Sensible range can save you money and the trouble of washing two items instead of just the one.

Visit www.bsensible.net for further information and details of local stockists or buy online from www.babyandmore.co.uk


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  1. Cherry Jam
    Nov 26, 2010 @ 12:00:54

    Yes, the range is excellent and very easy to use. I’d love to see them do Continental sized fitted sheets as this was the only reason I didn’t buy Bsensible for my daughter earlier this year. We have Ikea beds and the mattresses are 200cm long, rather than 190cm. Perhaps they might expand their range to include either a flat sheet or Continental sized ones?


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